As we move forward to the beginning of MAD-CON we will be completing the schedule.

It is important that we get feedback from Conference Goers so that we can be certain to include your ideas in the process.

Be sure to send all of your ideas for meet-ups, panels, live performances, and workshops to

The Schedule will be finalized for January 1st, 2020.

Currently, some of the events that are being solidified for the July 23rd-26th:

  • Thursday Night meet-up on Night Voyage Ferry complete with bar and live music
  • Friday- Sunday Sessions
  • Friday Night Karaoke/Open Mike
  • Saturday Matinee and Evening Live Performances at Sir James Dunne Theatre
  • Sunday Afternoon Closing Ceremonies

Currently, some of the ideas for sessions include:
- Actor, Writer, Production Workshops
- Technical Workshops for microphone and other hardware
- Panel Discussions about contemporary, OTR, and new media
- Regional Meetups
- Recording Sessions in Studios for booked groups
- Walla Recording Sessions for everyone

Please remember- the more you are involved, the greater the experience for everyone! 

If you feel you have a skill or an interest. Send a note to